Villa Nikolaos

An old farmhouse built more than 100 years ago..

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Villa Nikolaos

- Peaceful villa with beautiful gardens & pool with amazing view -

  • Villa Nikolaos

    Villa Nikolaos


Villa NikolaosPeaceful villa with beautiful gardens & pool with amazing view

Relax in the pool or under the big trees in our gardens...
The villa is appropriate if you wish to relax and enjoy the Cretan nature. The view is exceptional, as it is found in the brow of a steep slope that dominates among the absolute green landscape.

The unique benefits of our villa are:
- Unique outdoor area and gardens with full privacy!!
- Next to the village but also isolated!
- Ideal for people who want full calmness!
- Finally you will love the view from the pool which is in the edge of the gorge!

Villa Nikolaos is approved by Greek Tourism Organization with license number: 1041Κ10000010800.


  • Gardens


    The villa has a huge garden with roses and miscellaneous flowers, very large carobs, stone built terraces with a vine and fruit trees and a 32 sq. meters swimming-pool. There are also vegetable gardens where you can learn how to product vegetables! Moreover, you can even use them when preparing your lunch or dinner during your stay!

  • Pool area

    Pool area

    A 32 sqm private swimming pool, situated in the best spot with an amazing View with a sunbathing area including sun beds, umbrellas and sitting areas.

  • Bedrooms


    The Villa has 2 bedrooms, both located on the upper floor of the villa. One of them has a double bed and the other has 2 single beds. Both bedrooms have air condition and Closet.

  • Living room

    Living room

    There is a spacious open plan living room area on the ground floor with TV, office desk, dining table and fireplace.

  • Kitchen


    You will find a fully equipped kitchen which has all the necessary appliances such as oven, fridge and freezer, dishwasher, coffee maker, toaster, juicer, etc.

Description of Villa Nikolaos

Villa Nikolaos is an old farm house built more than 100 years ago.

It was restored by the owners in the beginning of decade '90 with great care and attention to keeping all the traditional elements and with much personal hard work (it was not intended initially for tourist use). It is on the edge of the village, so that no one is disturbed by the presence of residents (besides it is a very quiet small village), at the same time it is still part of the village. The view is exceptional, as it is found in the brow of a steep slope that dominates among the absolute green landscape.

Layout of our villa:

Villa Nikolaos can accommodate up to 5 people. It has an area of 75 sq. meters on the ground floor and 55 sq. meters on the first floor. On the first floor there is also a spacious veranda of 40 sq. meters.

On the ground floor there is the kitchen, the living room area with a television (free satellite channels), a fireplace and a small WC with washing machine.

A wooden internal staircase leads you to the upper floor where the bedrooms are. Each bedroom has air-condition, central heating (radiator) and there are timbers for the fireplace.
We can place an extra bed if it is necessary!

There is a massive exterior space of 1300 sq. meters, a garden with roses and miscellaneous flowers, very large carobs, stone built terraces with a vine and fruit trees and a 32 sq. meters swimming-pool. It is situated in the best spot with amazing view. The villa has vegetable gardens where you can learn how to product vegetables! Moreover, you can even use them when preparing your lunch or dinner during your stay!

Useful details:

Villa Nikolaos is looked after by the owners Katerina (Keti) Zaharioudaki and Vangelis Markakis. They live in Rethymno , where they attend and 'The house of Dolphins' (' Casa dei Delfini '), an old Venetian-Turkish mansion in the centre of the old town of Rethymno, that they restored and is today a complex of five rented studios.

The parents of Katerina, John and Katina Zaharioudaki live in a nearby house. They look after the garden, the flowers and the trees and they are at your disposal whenever you need them.


Amenities of Villa Nikolaos

Swimming pool (32 sqm) Gardens / Vegetable gardens
Stone built terraces Sun beds / Sun umbrellas
Charcoal BBQ Dining table / Coffee table
Fenced Parking space
TV Satellite / Cable Air-Conditioned 
Fireplace Heating
Free WiFi Internet Washing machine
Hairdryer Iron / Board
First aid kit Safe
Fridge / Freezer Ring stove 
Oven Filter coffee machine
Toaster / Kettle / Blender Dishwasher
 Dishes & utensils Cookware



Useful distances from the property to places of interest

Places of interest

Rethymno (27 km)
The renaissance town of Rethymno. A historic location where you may find many museums, food and entertainment.
Heraklion Airport (77 km)
The Kazantzakis Airport in Heraklion and the largest airport in Crete serving domestic and international flights. Easy Jet has flights to this airport.
Chania Airport (95 km)
The international airport in Chania. The airport is the second largest with exclusive flights of Ryanair.
Panormos (17 km)
Traditional sea front village with sandy beach, taverns, restaurants, shops, cafeterias and bars.
Closest beach (16 km)
The closest beach to the villa is in Stavromenos area. The beach of Panormos can be reached almost in the same distance as well.
Margarites Village (4 km)
One of the most important characteristics of the village is the unique feature of locals. They show great interest in artistic issues. Pottery is their primary activity. You can find that out after taking a walk to the village square, where they exhibit their famous products.
Eleftherna Village (4 km)
The area where the finds of the homonymous ancient city are found. It is not known when the city was actually built but according to scientists there must have been life in the area in the Geometric period, that is 970-820 B.C.
Ancient Eleftherna archaeological site and museum (1 km)

Open from Tuesday till Sunday, 10:00 -18:00. Free Entrance 

Tel. and fax: 28340 92501



Melidoni Village (15 km)
Visit the village of Melidoni and the homonymous Cave of Melidoni which is located approximately 1,800 meters northwest of the homonym village of Mylopotamos, at an altitude of 220 m and on the south side of Kouloukonas Mountain.
Arkadi Monastery (11 km)
One of the most historical places in Crete, well worth to visit it!
Perama Village (11 km)
A town that you can find everything you might need such as shops, taverns and supermarkets.
Anogeia Village (39 km)
On the foothills of Psiloritis Mountain.
Zoniana Village (32 km)
On of the most traditional villages in Crete.
Super Market (10 km)
In Perama Village, there is also a mini market in Margarites village 4km from the villa.
ATM ( 11 km)
In Perama Village.
Pharmacy ( 8 km )
In Perama Village.
Health Center (9 km)
In Perama Village. Phone number : +30 28343 40000
Hospital (30 km)
General hospital of Rethymno.
Traditional tavern (100 m)

"Filio" tavern in the village square.

Additionally close to the villa is also Mandalos Tavern in Margarites village.


- Useful info about the area and surroundings -

  • The area around the villa

    The area around the villa

  • Archaeological museum of Ancient Eleftherna

    Archaeological museum of Ancient Eleftherna

  • Arkadi Monastery

    Arkadi Monastery

  • Margarites Village

    Margarites Village

  • Cave of Melidoni

    Cave of Melidoni

  • Anogia Village

    Anogia Village

The area around the villa

Villa Nikolaos is located in the picturesque village of Archea Eleftherna (Ancient Eleftherna), in Rethymno Prefecture.

The village is located on a high hill, surrounded by the area where the ancient city of Eleftherna was located. It is the main archaeological site of the prefecture. The sea is approximately 15 kilometres away. Nearby (11 km) is found the historical abbey Arkadi, the traditional village Margarites (5 km) with a living tradition in pottery going back 5,000 years and a lot of other small picturesque villages, that still maintain their lively colors and traditional architecture. For those who love the quietness, strolling, the nature and the genuine Cretan landscape, it is an exceptional choice.

Still, because of its position in the prefecture of Rethymno, access by car is easy to most parts of the island, for example Chania, Heraklion, Sfakia, Anogeia, Nida, Knossos, Faistos and the southern coast beaches, that are many and beautiful. The road network is excellent and passes through some of the most beautiful and still attached landscapes in Crete. Particularly we recommend the visit in the southern coasts, via the very green province of Amari via Arkadi, Thronos, Meronas, Gerakari, and Spili etc.

  • Museum of Ancient Eleftherna

    Museum of Ancient Eleftherna

Museum of Ancient Eleftherna

The Museum of Ancient Eleftherna is worth a visit for discovering and feeling the ancient history of the area.
It is the first museum inside an archaeological site in Crete, as it is located next to the archaeological site of Eleftherna. The three halls of the museum host the whole history of Eleftherna from 3000 BC to 1300 AD with everyday objects and artworks. It is a modern building opened in 2016, approximately 1,800 sq.m. which together with the surrounding area occupies 3 acres and remotely resembles ark that emerges from the earth, gazing Ida (Psiloritis).
It is divided into two wings with the right one on the ground floor for hosting the guards - ticketing area and the Study Centre in the left area of ​​the exhibition halls of the museum. The architectural project was designed on a human scale, related to the natural environment, while at the same time as modern edifice is absolutely distinct and recognizable of the era in which it was created.

The large surrounding area in front of the museum features gardens and tree planting small parking for people with disabilities and especially paved surfaces with special provisions. In large wide in space on the east side of the museum has formed a natural outdoor theater for the holding of events and for the enjoyment of nature. Everywhere there are trees, plants and herbs typical of the Cretan flora from antiquity to the present day which is also the perfect atmosphere to walk around.

  • Archaeological site of Ancient Eleftherna

    Archaeological site of Ancient Eleftherna

Archaeological site of Ancient Eleftherna

Eleftherna (Greek: Ελεύθερνα), also called Apollonia, was an ancient city-state in Crete, which lay 25 km southeast of Rethymno. Archaeologists excavated the site, located on a narrow northern spur of Mount Ida, the highest mountain in Crete.

The site is about 1 km south of todays Eleftherna, in the current municipality of Rethymno. It flourished from the Dark Ages of Greece’s early history until Byzantine times. The city was founded by the Dorians in the 9th century BC. Current archaeological evidence shows that Eleftherna was one of Crete’s most important ancient cities, a capital city of the Geometric and Archaic periods – that is, the periods when the Homeric poems were disseminated and recorded in writing. According to tradition, the city was named after Eleutheras, one of the Kouretes, who protected the infant Zeus by beating upon their bronze shields thus preventing his father Cronus from hearing his cries and devouring him.

Since 1985 The University of Crete makes systematic excavations each summer and the findings so far are many and impressive. The discovery of a double tomb over 2,700 years old which hid more than 3,000 sheets of gold and the first depiction of the bee as a goddess is one of the most important excavations.

  • Beaches


  • Adelianos Kampos Beach

    Adelianos Kampos Beach

  • Panormo beach

    Panormo beach

  • Bali beach

    Bali beach

  • Rethymno beach

    Rethymno beach

  • Schinaria beach

    Schinaria beach

  • Triopetra beach

    Triopetra beach

  • Preveli beach

    Preveli beach

  • Agios Pavlos beach

    Agios Pavlos beach


The closest beaches to the villa that we suggest you visit are:
Stavromenos beach which is 15 km away. The sandy beach of Panormos is 17 km away. The beach of Bali which is 27 km away on your way to Heraklion. The long sandy organised beach of Rethymno with its numerous water sports is 20 km away.

On the South coast of the island you can also discover some of Crete’s most amazing natural beaches such as “Schinaria”, “Damnoni”, “Triopetra”, “Agios Pavlos” and "Preveli". The distance to the South coast from the villa is about one hour by car and all the above beaches are located near to Plakias village where you can find shops and many taverns. Crete is a magical island filled with myth and legend, a place to relax the ideal choice for all the family.

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